Most organisations in their drive to set up the business or expand the existing business pay lower attention to the financial angle more so the accounting or the MIS. They thus are ill-equipped to handle the various compliances like Income tax, TDS, GST, Profession tax and the like. As these regulations increase, so does your compliance with attendant rigours of non-compliance. One compliance leads to the other and finally it becomes too huge to handle. You are now at cross-roads on which one to concentrate on

To manage operations effectively and efficiently, any entrepreneur needs reliable, accurate, consistent and timely financial information. You may be just a start-up who wants to make it big but cannot afford a full time CFO who can handle all the financial pressures. The SME sector does not attract enough talent

This is where the need for a VCFO comes up. Here is one person who can now not only take care of the complete range of activities of not just accounting but also help you in your compliance issues. You will now be able to get the information required for your decision-making at a single shot. It doesn’t stop with MIS and accounting alone. Yes! We are there to give you professional advice too, help you with your budget, prepare a business plan. You as Entrepreneurs require an experienced sounding board. We are there to provide it. We will help you build the finance team for the future and lay a strong foundation for future growth

Once you have settled in your business, we will help you to procure additional funding too, be it a simple bank loan or a VC Funding!! We truly become your strategic partner for growth.